Ibuki Minami


Ibuki Minami is a student at the Academy of Art University, BFA Fine Art program, graduating in 2019. He is a pupil of Key Haga and Kudo Muramasa. Born in Japan, Ibuki works as an artist in Japan and in the USA. Ibuki is Founder at International Business and Artists (IBA), a group and company that manages artists and produces exhibitions. He creates artwork for his life theme. He mainly presents his work at galleries and art fairs, and he sells directly to patrons. His work is in prominent collections in the USA and Japan. Ibuki mainly works in abstract paint. However, he also works on stories in graphic novels, printmaking, and the business side of IBA.

Artist Statement:

Ibuki Minami creates mainly abstract painting. He sees a difference between Art and pieces, including painting, sculpture, novel, photograph, animation, design and even performing arts. He believes an artist can only describe a piece as Art if that work depicts within art core. He finds that abstract paint is one of the best styles to portray art core in his painting.

Before he creates one series or one artwork, he takes from three months to two years to consider the work. Ibuki believes abstract painting is a genre that demands emotion, calculation, scientific background and feeling.
Seeing the need for it, he created an algorithm about finding art core and how to depict art core into one canvas. The algorithm is now more than 4000 pages. When he starts thinking about the concept of a work or series, he begins with his algorithm and life theme to get the concept evolving. At the same time, he starts drawing idea sketches and thumbnails. After that, he starts working on canvas. To create the work, he uses his own blends of paint and oil. He uses many materials to depict depth.



Ibuki Minami
1995, born in Japan, Tokyo
Academy of Art University Fine Art: Painting, expected in 2020


Solo Exhibitions:

“Wedding Solo Exhibition”, Miurajirou Gallery ( Nihonbashi, Japan)

“Wedding Solo Exhibition” Odawara Hilton (Kanagawa, Japan)
“Deposition” FuchsProjects Gallery (NY BLC)
“Ibuki Watanabe Solo Exhibition” Dorado Gallery (Tokyo, Waseda)

“Nothingness or Virtual Image” Space K (Tokyo, Daikanyama)
“Deposition” Dorado Gallery (Tokyo, Waseda) (Double Solo exhibition)
傷について/星までの距 ” gallery conceal (Tokyo, Shibuya)(Yushi Dangami Solo exhibition Produce) (Double Solo exhibition)

“Ibuki Watanabe Solo Exhibition” KazariYA Gallery (Tokyo)

“ALAC”SF Park (Guerrilla Solo exhibition) “Orb”SF Park (Guerrilla Solo exhibition)


Group Exhibitions:

“Art Osaka 2018” Miurajirou Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Miurajirou Gallery (Nihonbashi, Japan)

“Exhibition IBA” Gallery T (Enoshima, Kanagawa )
“Clematis” Halo Gallery (Tokyo, Ebisu)
“Joint Exhibition: Ibuki Watanabe & Yushi Dangami” Gallery T (Enoshima, Kanagawa)
“AAU Print and/or Book” Printmaking Student Show, Atelier Gallery (SF, USA)
“AAU Spring Show” Academy of Art: SF, USA

“Exhibition IBA” 3331 Arts Chiyoda,IBA produce (Tokyo, Japan)


Events, Projects:

“Cuisine and Art Collaboration” Cuisine Yamaguchi (Ginza, Tokyo)
“Cuisine and Art Collaboration2” Cuisine Yamaguchi (Ginza, Tokyo)

“NY Seikatsu”,NY Seikatsu Press inc. 9/18/2018, #694

Collection & Commissions:
Mr. and Mrs. A, “love” Mr. K, “Untitled”
 Mr. T, “Dichotomy 1”
Mr. S, “Requiem/MS 1”
Mr.K(2), “Red”
Mr.K(2), “White”
Mr.K(2), “Konoshita-yami”
Mr. T. S, “4

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